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The Battlefield of Good and Evil is in the Soul of All Humans.  You must give the Holy Spirit access to Mind , Body and Soul.  Your Aura is a Blueprint of who you are the Energy that we carry reflects our Physical and Spiritual Consciousness.  I have learned we carry 7 Human layers in our Body And our cells is the source of our energy.  High Energy shows you are walking in the Holy Spirit and anyone in light and darknes can receive this and Low Energy reflects that you still allow the 7 human layers to reflect who you are internally and externally.  What is the Aura of your Spirit was written so that we can take off these layers together Ezekial 36:26,27 Says A New Heart I will give you and a New Spirit will I put within you.  And Romans 12:2  Says We are Transformed by the renewing of our Minds.  It takes A Nation to Reach Generations

E-Book-What is The Aura of Your Spirit is it Dark or Bright? Taking Off Layers


    • Emotional Layers: Altered Attitudes, Moods, Distress
    • Mental Layers: Head, Neck, and Shoulders Your Thought Process
    • Etheric Layers:  Your Energy Your Physical Consciousness
    •  Positioning Layers: Out of the Realm of the World and Into the Holy Spirit
    • Etheric Template:  A Blueprint of your Physical Being, Identity
    • Celestial Layer:  Your Spiritual Connection in Christ, You receive assistance and Wisdom from the Holy Spirit
    • Casual Template:  Reflects you are not concerned with the Worlds Issues, Here you are Connected with your Creator filled with the Holy Spirit
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