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Lets B Real Generation To Generation Natural  To Spiritual

Lets B Real Generation To Generation Natural To Spiritual

Self Examination is our Topic today Examine Yourselves to see whether you are in the faith Test Yourselves: Do you not realize That Christ Jesus is In You Unless you yourselves have failed the test. Most often we are ready to test the Faith of others But before we Test others we have to examine ourselves. We have to submit to the scrutiny and examination of Jesus Christ. This is called Spriitual Self Examination. We think that just because we have accepted Christ we are in the faith we fail to note the short comings of our faith. Our inward inner Being is being tested today. What is your Attitude today toward Sin Toward Christ Toward the Bible Towards Prayer Toward other People? When people see you that should see the Quality of Christ. What do People see when they see you. Are you reflecting the Radiance of God some say yes, some are still thinking, and some they just forgot or turned away due to people who say the Know God and Love God but know Nothing about God. Our walk with God should make other Curious of what we have in us. Instead they are disinterested Our Belief of God should show through our love and people should want to embrace that relationship Our Actions through God she make others want to Grow and Study and Know who Christ is Are you helping others mentoring in Spirit and Truth with loving kindness not condemning or Judging The Mature Christians grow through humility they are more focus on Growing through God so that they may influence others to God
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